United Roots Company is a Joint Stock Limited Liability company founded
in 1982, under the CR#: 4030221272. The headquarters is located in Kilo 10, and is a member of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce under the VIP category.
Founded by its owner and Managing Director Mr. Mohammad Rasheed Saeed Barasheed, United Roots Co. deals with the Heavy Equipment Spare Parts trade, as well as providing all the necessary needs of heavy equipment in addition
to electrical generators spare parts.
United Roots Co. imports the highest quality spare parts from multinational companies in the United States, Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Canada and many other countries.
Over the years, and after a booming success, the company expanded to witness the birth of 2 new branches:
    -United Roots Co. Makkah
    -United Roots Co. Khamis Msheit
United Roots reputation with the foreign companies led them to increase their business with the company, and to offer their brands accordingly. The team, which includes a group of advisers and experienced technicians and high efficiency in this sector studied these offers, and selected to represent
well-known brands in the industry spare parts.